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We all have a story to share and we believe everyone should have the same chance of telling it, regardless of background, race, religion, gender, sexuality or disability.


small leaf press is an independent, black-owned publisher established in 2020 to uplift the voices of undiscovered and underrepresented writers and creators. 

our name "small leaf" comes from, primarily a love for plants, but also the idea that undiscovered writers are like small leaves. right now, as a small leaf, it is important to do what you can to get a step into the world of words and grow as a writer but unfortunately, it's a very trying industry. we still think it's important to support small leaves somehow though, which is why small leaf press was created; to give undiscovered writers the chance to feel part of something too. 

Candice Daphne, the founder of small leaf press, has personally experienced the difficulties and stresses that come with trying to get started in the writing industry. She has had her own private blog since she was 16, frantically typing about all the ways the sunshine and the rain would effect her mood, and how the books she read and the self-discovery journey she went on helped to dissolve her anxiety disorder. She had never been published until self-publishing her own poetry collection, and desired to work in the publishing field, but with time found it extremely competitive and difficult. She knew this must be a problem for other writers and people interested in publishing, especially to those who looked like her or are otherwise underrepresented in our society, so she decided to do it on her own.


At small leaf press, we desire to give as many opportunities to underrepresented people interested in all stages of the publishing process, from writing, to editing and proofreading, to formatting and marketing. We cycle our team of editors and staff writers regularly to ensure we are doing our bit to give as many people as possible a little taste of the indie publishing scene.

To all those who have a secret blog somewhere, to those posting on their Instagram pages, and those who have thought about publishing their work but weren't sure, you're in the right place. small leaf press is a space to bring promising writers together to help them feel included in this community, gain confidence, relight their passion for writing, and to get their work noticed. 

We all have a story to tell and we believe that everyone should have the same chance of telling it, regardless of background, race, religion, gender, sexuality or disability. 


We look forward hearing your stories!


Meet The Team

Candice Daphne

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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Candice Daphne (she/her) is a copywriter from London with a MA in Contemporary Poetry and Literature. She loves houseplants, the moon and writing in her journal. She is the author of ‘expired love letters’ a collection of poems, a few poetry zines and has appeared in The B'K literary magazine and the Interstellar Literary Review. As well as literary fiction, she loves reading self-development books and is inspired to encourage POC to prioritize their well-being and nurture self-growth.

Rachel Knudson

Publicity Manager

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Rachel Knudson (she/her) is currently living in London after graduating from university with a Distinction in her Masters degree in Contemporary Art, Literature and Theatre in 2019. Her focus in academia relates primarily to feminist and queer theory, and Rachel has a personal interest in European theatre. These interests have been facilitated by her academic research, which has allowed her to study and practice in Paris, London and Canterbury. 

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Ashanti-Tanita Bloomfield (she/her) is a self-employed writer, editor and proofreader from the UK and is a BA graduate in English and American Literature and Creative Writing. As a writer and proofreader, Ashanti has worked on an array of projects from cookbooks to fiction manuscripts, and is also the self-published author of a ‘coming of age’, feminist poetry book called Confessions of a Maneater (found on Amazon). Ashanti’s hobbies include reading, drawing and painting; interests explore feminism, queer and gender theory which she tends to express within her creative works.

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Erikka Durdle is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University’s Mountainview MFA and was the recipient of the program’s Safford Book Prize for best Fiction thesis and the Lynn Safford Memorial Prize. She's working on a novel about a Korean mother and her biracial American daughter, exploring themes of culture, history, music, surfing, and motherhood. She has words in Assignment Magazine. When she's not reading or writing, you might find her catching some waves or dreaming about them in savasana.


Vanya Garraway is a first generation Caribbean Canadian, with a mother who fell in love with Gretzky the moment the family got a TV. Vanya grew up in a Scarborough neighbourhood developed on what used to be farmland. Its houses were eclectically added over the years like books to a shelf, different times, shapes and colours, much like the people in them. She was the girl next door to the paper boy next door, on the other side of the train tracks. She is a pop culture pundit with a healthy grip on nostalgia. She lives her life in Toronto.

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Lapsed writer Michelle Mclean picked her pen back up during her second maternity leave.

Her work (and blogging) is all about supporting people through change and helping them connect to themselves. When she isn’t working, Michelle can usually be found tucked up somewhere with a book, moon gazing or pottering in her garden.

Michelle is the author of the short story collection Pay Day and Other Teabreak Tales. She is currently studying MA Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. 


Allison Miehl (she/her) has been a journalist, a magazine editor, and a technical writer. Now she’s trying to write enjoyable things again. She lives in Florida, where she likes practicing yoga, eating vegetarian food, and reading.

Denise aka Neicie (she/her) is a Psychology graduate of Grenadian descent. Shortly after being diagnosed with two autoimmune conditions, she created her blog (Neicieknees) to help her come to terms with this new life change. She now spends her free time trialling and creating plant-based alternatives to well-loved dishes. She hopes to inspire others to adopt a healthier, well-balanced lifestyle full of delicious food but is also a firm believer in the occasional slip-up.

Sophia-Maria Nicolopoulos is a Content Editor from Greece. She chooses to see her writing as the kind Ophelia would write had she navigated a world of boundless horror. She writes to make sense of said world and shed light on the obscure places where reality meets the surreal. In her free time, she removes cat hair from her clothes. She has seen her poetry published by small presses like Small Leaf Press and Sunday Mornings at the River. She’s currently writing and editing a series of folklore short stories and two poetry chapbooks.