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JADEN magazine is small leaf press' proudest publication created to give people of colour and underrepresented people a space to express their self-discovery journeys.

JADEN is Dominican Patois for 'Garden' (pronounced similarly to the French 'jardin') and at JADEN (and small leaf press), not only are we all about nature metaphors, we believe that YOU are a garden.


Just like a garden, sometimes we need some more nourishment and tending to, a little extra attention to our water intake, perhaps spending some more time in the sunshine when needed or knowing when it's okay to take breaks and rest in the shade.

We collate beautifully made magazines filled with your personal growth stories, and journeys as well as lifestyle content to improve your well-being and even the odd plant-based recipe! 

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What's New

Our latest issue is now available to order in print! This issue's theme is 'new beginnings' and we give you all the excuses in this one to redesign your entire life. 

Become a baking expert with Neicie's easy chocolate orange loaf cake recipe, or guide yourself into tarot readings and spirituality with Tasha McIntyre's touching story on her struggles with an epilepsy diagnosis. You can even find som book recommendations from the small leaf team as we share what we're currently obsessed with. 

Recreate every part of you by purchasing issue 04 here.



We'd like to create a space for people to feel less alone in their self-growth journeys. If you have a story to share, we'd love to hear it! Submit here.


Short-listed for the Saboteur Awards 2022, we are a wellness and self-discovery magazine looking for pieces that will inspire positive change with our readers. Tell us about your new morning routine to inspire productivity. Tell us about a book that changed your pespective on life forever. Or how you found comfort in painting, crocheting or tarot cards! Tell us all the ways you're choosing to invite more peace and happiness into your life.


Editor's Note

"It's known in most cultures, especially within the black community, that we don't speak openly about our personal growth and our mental well-being so I have created JADEN magazine in the hope that we can all have a space to come together, read each others stories and learn from one another about our journeys to be the best versions of ourselves.


I would love to hear other writers and creatives' stories on their self-development journeys, their thoughts on the universe and their life philosophies. JADEN magazine is for YOU. Come and share your stories and let's strive to be kinder to ourselves."

Vanessa Browne (she/her) is passionate about connecting with new people, places and stories. She loves all things books, culture and wellness, and she's a firm believer in the power of well-placed words. Predictably, Vanessa has a bottomless TBR pile to get through. In spite of this, she is likely buying or borrowing a new book as we speak. She is almost always eating biscuits, and can usually be found reading, writing, or ranting about Tesco Club Card prices (she still refuses to get one). 

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Erikka Durdle is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University’s Mountainview MFA and was the recipient of the program’s Safford Book Prize for best Fiction thesis and the Lynn Safford Memorial Prize. She's working on a novel about a Korean mother and her biracial American daughter, exploring themes of culture, history, music, surfing, and motherhood. She has words in Assignment Magazine. When she's not reading or writing, you might find her catching some waves or dreaming about them in savasana.

Vanya Garraway is a first generation Caribbean Canadian, with a mother who fell in love with Gretzky the moment the family got a TV. Vanya grew up in a Scarborough neighbourhood developed on what used to be farmland. Its houses were eclectically added over the years like books to a shelf, different times, shapes and colours, much like the people in them. She was the girl next door to the paper boy next door, on the other side of the train tracks. She is a pop culture pundit with a healthy grip on nostalgia. She lives her life in Toronto.

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Lapsed writer Michelle Mclean picked her pen back up during her second maternity leave.

Her work (and blogging) is all about supporting people through change and helping them connect to themselves. When she isn’t working, Michelle can usually be found tucked up somewhere with a book, moon gazing or pottering in her garden.

Michelle is the author of the short story collection Pay Day and Other Teabreak Tales. She is currently studying MA Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. 

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Allison Miehl (she/her) has been a journalist, a magazine editor, and a technical writer. Now she’s trying to write enjoyable things again. She lives in Florida, where she likes practicing yoga, eating vegetarian food, and reading.

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Anushree Nande (she/her) is a Mumbai-born writer, freelance editor and publishing professional who has studied and worked in the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States. Her microfiction collection, 55 Words, was published by Underground Voices in 2015. Anushree’s writing tends to explore how we navigate the emotional landscape of our lives, and is always hopeful. Summer Melody, a novelette, is forthcoming in November 2021 from Alien Buddha Press.

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Denise aka Neicie (she/her) is a Psychology graduate of Grenadian descent. Shortly after being diagnosed with two autoimmune conditions, she created her blog (Neicieknees) to help her come to terms with this new life change. She now spends her free time trialling and creating plant-based alternatives to well-loved dishes. She hopes to inspire others to adopt a healthier, well-balanced lifestyle full of delicious food but is also a firm believer in the occasional slip-up.

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Sophia-Maria Nicolopoulos is a Content Editor from Greece. She chooses to see her writing as the kind Ophelia would write had she navigated a world of boundless horror. She writes to make sense of said world and shed light on the obscure places where reality meets the surreal. In her free time, she removes cat hair from her clothes. She has seen her poetry published by small presses like Small Leaf Press and Sunday Mornings at the River. She’s currently writing and editing a series of folklore short stories and two poetry chapbooks. 

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