It’s hard to remember how I settled to being a memory clay fixing my features I just wanted to be her to you hands intertwined but head turned was it easier to see when you weren’t looking at me or was her imprint fixed like time spent scent on your pillow unrecognizable time spent scrolling through your camera roll undeniable I opened the door to your darkroom light flooded and ruined the pictures you couldn’t develop into more than just moments before the camera flashed and her eyes went slack she was never coming back I figured that out before you did decided to be a band-aid to your gaping wounds they still bled through


Poet's bio: Alyssa Asaro is a writer and editor based in Chicago, IL. Her poem “Windowpane” is featured in Neuro Logical Literary Magazine and "Molting" is featured in Unlimited Literature. She can be found on Twitter @rambleshewrote.

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