Nothing quite matches the disappointment of noticing the passage of time a candle burnt down to nothing an almost empty wine bottle and the sun emerging over the line of trees a pink glow like the blush that rises in my cheeks at the sight of you when you bother to show up at all I pretend to be busy moving about my tiny apartment like a wraith as though I don't have time to dwell on the fact that you didn't call I reflect on the forgotten nostalgic for what lasts longer than this death? oblivion? perpetual darkness and things even more morbid than the hellebores gone crispy on my windowsill You gave me those so long ago they’ve passed the point of death dried out into a kind of stasis it’s symbolic of our relationship don't you think? dead flowers in the window of an empty street I smell their decay and I turn away from it ignoring all that I don't want to see plucking out intrusive thoughts like petals I rub my eyes dry from staring at my phone for hours willing a text from you to appear type delete type delete the screen goes black as the battery dies there is a kind of stillness when you're close to the end I lift the bottle to my lips and drink.


Poet's bio: Laura Bibby is the Brisbane-based creator of Bloomurder Zines, with subjects ranging from poetry to mythology and poisonous plants. She is close to finishing a BA in Creative Writing and loves to write short, sharp poetry, flash fiction and fan fiction. Her love of the fantastical and ominous generally shines through in her work.

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