Last Smile

Engraved in a pale photograph covered with hoarfrost and dust we languish palely in our dilapidated room, motionless silence, covers thoughts vague And as his heart flutters, he needs a strong swing of his wings to revive all old memories everything will be as it used to be love to cover those little things that meant He always knows how to fix that sleepless night, and he knows the Moon what secrets did life hide in the greatest debauchery and play the emotion of the shallows, they stir night and day for decades living together while still searching for our existence Or the spiritualization of life, because in the end everything remains good story and good memories engraved in the photos colorful colors in modern times, we see their wrinkles how they roll and mute in worry, and it’s hard to endure it all I move them like a heavy tower with my bare hands so that they do not sink I extend my hand and seek the voice of reason in the game of destiny The last smile, as if it were yesterday, was persistent everything that is good and bad, happens and passes somehow and we are left with only memories engraved in photography covered with hoarfrost and dust in a dilapidated room stationary; Because life has no retrospective, and I’m still looking for us and as his heart flutters, he needs a strong swing of his wings to revive all old memories.


Poet's bio: Paige Curtis is an emerging writer based in Cambridge, MA working at the intersection of inclusion, equity, and social impact. With recent bylines on, she is passionate about community-based solutions to environmental issues. She likes eating in bed, laughing at her own jokes, and exercising on her mini trampoline. Learn more about her work here at

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