Love Hearts

I drink coffee too late in the day

And I don’t sleep till the AM starts to glow around the


And I don’t know what to say to the messages that appear

On the little blue screen I keep by tucked at the side of my pillow

Because I want to say

Be Mine

Or something else you might find on a Love Heart

And the words are fizzing in my stomach

Riding up in my chest

Falling out as sherbet flowers

And I’m choking on all the possibilities

All the combinations of words that could capture

The wildness of the horses that stampede in my chest

Rapping my ribs so loud I want to pull out my

Bones and send them to you


So you might merge us together

Or carve deep intricate runes

A story of love, true love, destined love

to be worn on your wrist or maybe by your heart

but instead I reply



Author's note:

This is a small poem I wrote after reflecting on how I felt getting texts as a teenager. I think it's quite sweet, but also that this feeling doesn't really change no matter how old we get, and how many other people cycle through these intense feelings too.

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