Notes on Love

sticky, like situations and chewing gum it gets everywhere leaves traces in its wake, years later. it’s a caution tape crime scene- no trespassing. something happened here and we’re still figuring out what. there is something about a face. and then another, and then another. i don’t want to think about that. the list grows longer and longer. sickly sweet dreams turned to harmony, melody to rusted fridge left out for garbage day. what a dip in expectation! what a need for recalculation. swear, never again. then, learn how the things we stop looking for will double back to find us like lost kids playing tag, like the last one in hide-and-seek. we’re still worthy of it, you know. after all this time and all that’s been done. still worthy of knowing how someone likes their coffee, of being known in how you like yours.


Author's bio: Maggie Tse is Chinese-Canadian poet and writer, born and raised in Tkoronto, otherwise known as Toronto. She is a recent social work graduate from Ryerson University. When not writing, she enjoys spending time in nature and watching post-apocalyptic comedy films. Her work is forthcoming in Interstellar Literary Review, and she can be found on Instagram at @magswrotethat.

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