Everything has been said already How many more ways can describe I can’t keep thinning my edges cutting away the crooked lines to fit inside your idea of me which is tiny I tried . . . carving away until all that was left was a blip . . . from a tamed heart all middle, no sides In flames and drowning at the same time Dainty, as ordered Slowly, I wilted skinned alive to find the place the rose-tint hides No more shrinking to fit a nook I need much more flesh than you can stomach


Author's bio: Lisa Perkins is a full time mum to three little muses and a recently published poet, from Dublin. She has featured in The Howling Press, Auroras & Blossoms Poetry Journal, the anthology ‘Pivot & Pause’ curated by Azure Antoinette and Elizabeth Gilbert and on the Harness Community website. Lisa was a recent runner up in a Halloween writing competition on Holding it Together Apart, an Irish online initiative. She will feature in The Mum Poet Club’s self care booklet in November. Some of Lisa’s work can be found on Instagram @lisaperks

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