The Devil's Hands Are Kitten Licks

rumplestiltskin's hands kidnapping strands weaving and wreching and zig-zagging an’ trapping, snaked ‘cross my hairline and spinning against my scalp in a way that always buries fingernails into palms gnawing at the lip until it splits eyes rolling to the back of the head first five minutes fly all hell exists with me sittin on the floor Ma’am on the edge of the bed and tears teeter past my lashes and the whining starts i hate it when she does my hair who does? all the Ma’am’s and the Mama’s and the Mom’s do the same sorta torture nothing can stop my blubbering mouth and i swear i swear i think i’m dying yeah, no joking she pulls my head back i see the light angels singing or is that the Dark Prince grinning i’m telling you when I die i’m given the Devil some tips those fuckers dont know a truer environment for penitence it’s a fun ride when the Ma’am braids my hair


Poet's bio: Jenn Uche is a junior from Montrose School in Massachusetts. She is a Grubstreet Teen Writing Fellow, and her writing has been nominated for an American Voice Award by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She was also named co-champion of the Lions Youth Speech competition within the entire state of Massachusetts for an original speech. She is the founder and president of her school's creative writing club— proudly dubbed "The Walrus" after C.S. Lewis's poem "The Walrus and the Carpenter."

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