Wish List

I’m gathering wishes since the day you were born I’ll fuel you with so much, sugar that you never beg for love from another I paint waves that rise like suns to remind you your heart has anchor in mine And if it starts to crack at the edges it’s just so the middle can shine I make room for your voice within me So your song in ascent has a chamber heart-bent for more and less is a word you have no language for I wish on all the stardust that showers as we sleep I wish you golden voyages with wings for journey's keep I wish your worries be an Autumn leaf weightless in their touch I wish for it always to be... so little and so much I flipped a penny the morning you dawned And I see now magic appears in the wishes we fervently frame throughout these wonder years


Lisa Perks is the winner of our 6 word challenge poetry contest on Instagram. The challenge was to use all 6 words (rise, flip, sugar, ascent, frame and leaf) in one poem. Lisa used all of these words and encased them within a lovely poem. Congratulations, Lisa!

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