You, at the end of fall

I was so close to drifting away— my feet were safely unglued, my hands freed from shackles and for the first time, when your soul floating in thin air I was breathing just fine and though in my chest it is no longer heavy but somehow it doesn't feels right. I almost tripped over— all bruised and broken bones on the verge of a fall— falling deep down— deeper in the chasm where all that is there lies wilted leaves and broken dreams and lost selves, with chaos sitting in all black-and-white forms. I was so close to forgetting every memory of an old friend, an old lover and my old self— to forget, close enough, even my own name, I was so close to disappearing for how long or forever, but then you hold my hand as if warmth was once a strange feeling, as if my wrists were not covered with deep cuts but soft and safer. You hold me and I found myself not losing, you love me and make everything easy. You made the grey clouds disappear, and gave me endless summer.


Poet's bio: Kathlyn Verallo is a college student who has a deep passion for writing. She hopes to have her words published one day no matter how long it takes.

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