Your Heart

Your heart is sought for like a Long lost diadem. Those grave and bold traverses the map in search of you. Your heart works like quicksand Those that reach the core soon Find themselves entrapped within. Your heart is like an artist’s steady hand Each crevice is perfect and one brush out of line can lead to a fractured vision. Your heart is like a sacred ruin, those are fascinated and in admiration of the view. Your heart is enigmatic, Your heart bares the source for happiness Your heart is sought for like a long lost diadem. Treasure the beat, Its circulation.


Poet's bio: Alexander Brand is a poet and spoken word performer from Herne Bay, Kent. He has recently achieved an MA In English Literature at Canterbury Christ Church University and is now about to start a PGCE at CCCU in order to teach English to primary and secondary school students. His work has appeared in Thanet Writers, Dissonance Magazine, Lapidus international Autumnal journal 2019 and Readable Zine. His work has also been played several times on BBC Upload.

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